Ray of Light

With each of your purchases BowBaby pledges 5% to feeding and clothing children in Siberia. To make an additional donation please contact us


Ray of light ministry

To most people, Russia doesn’t seem like a place of much need. They often think of luxurious St. Petersburg and Moscow and the oligarchs, making it easier to believe that all is well on that side of the world. However, what many people fail to realize is that in Siberia and the Far East regions of Russia, people are living on the brink. Especially during the brutal winter months, it can be challenging to survive. The conditions there are truly third-world. 

There are stories of lives lost due to the bitter cold, especially new-born babies. Acquiring wood is an arduous process that is nearly impossible for the elderly or women to perform. Thus, meals are skipped, and the only solution for heat is more blankets. 

For many children in unfortunate circumstances, school is the only way they can get fed. And, in most cases, lunch is their only meal of the day. This not only affects the children’s growth and development, but also their education. After hearing about children passing out during school lessons due to lack of nutrition, Tatyana and Lilia knew they had to step in and act. So, in 2012, they created The Ray of Light MinistryIts main goal is to provide children in Siberia, Russia, with free hot lunches. But, the ministry doesn’t stop there.  


The Ray of Light also offers an initiative called, “Surprise Trunk of Woods, which chooses several families in great need and sends them a trunk-full of wood as a surprise. One load of wood can last a month and prevents children from having to leave school to help their parents keep warmth in the home. They also provide children with warm clothing to get them through the bitter cold winters.  

The response, so far, has been tears of joy and bewilderment like, “You’ve got the wrong address,” “Who in America is thinking of us and why?”

Ray of Light not only helps provide meals and wood to the families in need, they also have provided Christmas presents for the last 5 years. The children are given simple grocery bags filled with edible goodies, such as chocolate, nuts, oranges, apples, gum, etc. To some, these items may seem mundane. But for these children, they are a luxury and a source of great joy. And while the process of creating the gifts isn't easy, Ray of Light does it with Pride and Joy.  

Our Website is forthcoming but, in the meantime, feel free to contact us  for more information on how to get involved.